10 Effective Ways to Be More Creative

1. Take a Good Shower Daily

Shower and bathing make your blood keep flowing and increase your brain power. It is not only cleanse the body from dirt, but also keeps away stress and have important role to increase the body immunity system. Bath teaches you how to take care of yourself, and to take time, meditate and be mindful of your body. You can also take shower by walk in the rain.
2. Play Some Sports & Do Exercise

No need to work and only work. Play your favorite sport and obviously exercise and workout will keep you active and strong. Exercise reduce depression and anxiety and if you have these two things you can’t think or develop new and innovative ideas in your mind. So keep away from depression and stress by doing exercises daily. It will definitely enhance your work and recreation.
3. Manage & Decorate Your Office or Workplace

If you are happy with your working environment, you will be productive. Its very important that when you are doing some creative work, what exactly the surroundings and the work place looks like. Your office or work place itself should be very creative and decorated place so it can give your eyes a good scene to watch and give your mind a better impression. Office interior boost the productivity. You can think better if you have a good relaxing chair at your workplace. The right color scheme or your favorite colors on the walls and on your furniture makes your mind more bright and you can think bigger. Find some Office Interior & Decoration Here
4. Nature is the Best Source of Creativity
Creativity is everywhere by the way. I am talking about the nature. Every GOD gifted thing is the complete master piece in itself. People make paintings that becomes the world famous, and unique are nothing but something is just a copy of nature and natural objects. The world famous portrait of MONALISA which cost was too much was only a phenomena called Smile that is also around us. All the things around us in raw form are idle but they can transformed in Creativity by just spending few moments and giving them importance… Read Our Article About Nature & Creativity
5. Always Try to Draw Something on the Notebook

Try to draw regularly. No worries if you don’t know how to draw properly, one day you will find the proper way. Its also a very good technique that if you have an idea suddenly in your mind, you can draw the idea so you never lose it or forget it. So always keep a notebook and pencil or pen with you, like your best friends. Drawing ability will improve with practice and drawing actually stimulating brain development. So if you have a developed brain, your idea will be very creative and become your success.
6. Make a list of Your Mistakes
Very famous saying and quote in this world is that you always learn from your mistakes. Its better not to forget your mistakes and always try to do an analysis for your mistakes so in the future if your repeat the mistake, you will have the better alternate to get rid of that. Not to be scared with your mistakes because mistakes can also hit your mind with some creative though. Mistakes are natural, but try to not to do mistakes regularly or as your habit.
7. Buy Gifts for Your Girlfriend or Wife
They said woman bring colors and rhythm in this world. Think about your girlfriend or even your wife that what is the color scheme of her dress, may be it can be very helpful. Buy some gifts for her, so you will get a chance to visit a gift shop, a shop which is actually itself a unique world of creativity. Write a love letter for her. Buy some creatively designed greeting cards. How about a candle light dinner and look into her eyes? Many poets find a great universe of deep creativity and damn good ideas in the woman eyes.
8. Get Up Early to Welcome the Sun Rise
New dawn, new day, new ideas, new ways of creativity. These are actually the things that the rising sun try to tell you. Listen to him and take a deep breath with the rise of the sun. Close your eyes and let your brain breath with you and let the blood flow in your brain so all these things will create a storm of great ideas and bundle of creativity as the gift of your new day. One more thing, forget not to take a good healthy energetic breakfast.
9. Visit The Gallery or Museum

Well some people find it boring, specially the museum but if your want some good creative ideas in your brain and you really want to know how to implement and give them a proper shape so people can see, feel and appreciate, you have to observe the art. Observer with a creative eye. Try to fetch the ideas and creativity from the piece of art your are looking at.
10. Notice Kids & Talk to Them
The future artists and the owners of many ideas and creative worlds. Kids are one of the best source of creativity. They got fresh minds. They don’t have anything else to do. They don’t have the tension and stress in there minds. So observe them that what they are doing, observe kids drawings because they want to tell you some thing. Obverse and notice them when they are playing. Ask them how they actually think about this world.


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