CERN and its discoveries

CERN’s reputation at the frontier of research is built on the quality of its experiments, both past and present. Not only have these research projects contributed to the advancement of physics, winning many prestigious awards, the technologies they developed have also found useful applications in medicine and industry.

Numerous experiments have taken place at CERN since it was founded in 1954. These are just a small selection of them:

The true story of antimatter: the first antihydrogen
Enigma of the muon: the g-2 experiments
Tracking down the weak force: Gargamelle and neutral currents
Protons head on: the Intersecting Storage Rings
The Z factory: the Large Electron-Positron collider
Testing the Standard Model: the LEP experiments
A tiny preference for matter: NA31 and NA48 experiments
The primordial soup: high-energy lead ion collisions
A Nobel discovery: hunting the heavy weights with UA1 and UA2


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