JEE could be in new avatar in 2013

KANPUR: The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are all set to bring a whole new change in the pattern of Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) organised every year across the country. The changed exam pattern would be followed from the year 2013.

The new pattern of JEE would include conducting an aptitude test for the exam aspirants. The students will have to crack this aptitude test consisting of questions based on reasoning and all other subjects that the students have studied in their schools. But it is worth mentioning here that the aptitude test would also include questions related to subjects like physics, chemistry and maths.
This arrangement has been proposed in the IIT Council meeting held in Delhi on September 14 with an aim to reduce the pressure on the students.

Talking to journalists, IIT-Kanpur director Sanjay Govind Dhande said that the aim is to respect every subject that a student has studied be it history, geography or any other subject. He said that this is possible only by conducting an aptitude test which will have both qualitative and quantitive reasoning questions to solve for the students.

Dhande said it was discussed during the IIT Council meeting that instead of calculating the performance of the students on the basis of percentages received in their class XII, the weightage must be given to the percentile.

He also mentioned that it is an extremely tough task to bring about a uniformity in the percentages achieved by the students in their class XII results as the percentage achieved by a student in one state board varies from the percentage achieved by other student in some other state board. For bringing this uniformity, the percentages of students would be converted into percentiles and this would be used for further comparisons among the students.

“As different states have different boards and there are only two Central boards – CBSE and ICSE, it will be a difficult task to establish a uniformity in the percentages achieved by an individual student when comparing his performance with the other individuals. For this, the percentage of marks achieved by the students would be converted into a percentile. This would be done through virtual mapping by Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata”, said Dhande while explaining about the proposed way through which the percentages achieved by students in class XII in their different state boards would be brought at a uniform scale.

He further said that the 50% weightage would be given to this percentile performance and other 50% weightage would be given to the performance in the JEE. It would be on the basis of these two performances that the students’ ranks in the JEE would be assessed.

Dhande also added that there are 42 state boards and because of this reason, some kind of uniformity has to be established to match the performance of the individual students (in their class XII) with each other. And when so many boards are there and each one of them has its importance, the percentile match is the only way out to calculate the student’s performance.

Dhande said that these recommendations have been given by Ramaswamy committee to the ministry of human resource and development but at this stage, the plan has not been approved by the government.

He added that as soon as the notification for the same will come, the changes would be made in the pattern of JEE.


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