Top 10 Gadgets of 2011

1 IPAD 2: As we all know, IPAD 2 definitely take the best yet launched the product this year (up to 5 iPhones PEPs to September this year to change cards). This is the most happening tablets this year sporting .7 inch IPS panel, together with A5 dual core processor makes it definitely the coolest gadget on the block. Sleek, slim and highly efficient, what more you want.

2 Samsung Galaxy II: This is also worthy to mention at least two of the IPAD, nearly a year after the Galaxy’s debut and dazzled the world with cutting-edge take on Android Samsung finally came up with his successor. However, the arrival in the U.S. The phone sports a beautiful display, future proof hardware, superior video playback capabilities and plasticky build.


3 Amazon Kindle eBook Reader (Wi-Fi): The gadget uses wireless Internet connectivity to allow users to browse, read and shop online for e-books, newspapers, magazines, and other medijima.Treće generation Kindle is a winning combination of attention to upgrading -improved screen, better battery life, lighter weight and lower cost-vaulting him to the top of the e-book reader category.


4 Samsung 9 Series Laptop: 13-inch Series 9 packs an impressive Intel i5 processor and 4 GB of RAM and 3 USB ports and built-in WiMax and “Durolumin” alloy shell that Samsung claims that it is several times stronger than aluminum. Samsung produces a lot of memory used in SSDs, so you wonder, the Series 9 is built in solid-state drive that boots Windows 7 in only 12 sekundi.Dizajn is also far from smooth air, the prices, however, less cared for, to 1600 dollars.


5 Intel 2nd generation processes (“Sandy Bridge”): 2011 is the year of fully integrated processor. Intel has done a total redesign of their core processor architecture, integrating the graphics processing on the CPU chip and seamlessly distribute tasks across processors deliver 40 to 50 percent increase in performance for tasks such as transcoding and games. Also, with the help of Intel’s Turbo Boost technology, the individual cores can automatically overclock when more cores are not in use.

6 Sony 3D bloggie MHS-FS3 camera: Previous generations of Sony bloggie are decent over Flip style dead-simple, web-camera worthy. Now, bloggie 3D one-up the entire category, maintaining a slim profile and pop-out USB connector, a 3D shooting HD video with two lenses. The screen is 2.4-in. without glasses 3D display, which is fun, but the real story here is the price. At $ 250, consumers can dip the toe in the supposed 3D revolution. Even if it fizzles, it will continue to have a camcorder that shoots 8GB 2D just fine.

7 AMD Fusion: AMD’s acquisition of graphics processor maker ATI 2006, the integration of CPU and graphics processing technologies on a single die allows computers that previously would require a discrete graphics processor to run high-powered game applications and HD video with a single chip platform also rješenje.Fusion provides great savings compared to the performance, giving laptops all day battery life without compromise.


8 Samsung LED TV Series 8000: There are a lot like the Samsung LCD TV Series 8000-to the LED backlight, 3D-capable, and full of services and applications people can actually use, such as Skype and Facebook. What I love about it is a stunning industrial design. Samsung engineers have whittled down box, only 0.2-in, which increases the screen size without increasing the overall footprint, and create an image that is more than otherwordly portal monitor.Serija TV will be available in this 46-in., 55-in. and 65-in. size, starting at $ 2800.

9 Microsoft Kinect Avatar: Avatar Kinect will be a free update for Xbox Live Gold members who uses a sensor to monitor facial expressions and body movements, and then use that to animate your Xbox on-screen avatars. Avatar Kinect will also have a number of virtual “places” where Xbox Live users can get together with their avatars (sport table, lawn chairs circle). These environments may prove to be Second Life-style news, but the face tracking technology has some serious potential. Please note that the film digital effects crew spend millions in order to achieve the type of motion capture that Microsoft has managed to remove the $ 150 accessory.

10 Motorola Xoom: Year 2011 is definitely the year of pills. Thus, a device that got the sixth position in the list is the Motorola Android tableta.Tableta Xoom is light and thin and has a 1 GHz processor to 10.1 widescreen. This device has two cameras and looks very sleek and very powerful machine vise.


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