How to Become a Genius



This is an essay with a very optimistic title – the most optimistic title I have ever written to date.

The dictionary defines “genius” as: “Someone who has an unusually high level of intelligence, mental skill or artistic ability.”


The first thing to learn is that a person CAN become more intelligent, and I am sure even possible to become a genius, all by himself. And it is definitely not necessary to meditate 10 years on the top of a mountain in china to achieve it.

In an issue entitled “Genius” from L. Ron Hubbard he is quoting Dr. Alfred Barrios who declared the following: “Most people have the mistaken idea that geniuses are born, not made.”

To understand how to become more smart it is first necessary to understand how a person is thinking.

A person is thinking with DATA. The data a person has is ALIGNED. It is aligned on STABLE DATA. The stable data a person has may be correct or not be correct.

Showing stable data
Types of data

All data is not the same. I made the following illustration to show data’s relative importance.

Showing data and their relative importanceField 1: Vital data. Data in the field of true philosophy. Covers such things as understanding of life and how it operates, reason for existence, Metaphysics, etc. In short – the greatest truths.

Field 2: Valuable data. Data concerning how to do things and which helps you in your life. Data which help you understand things and how it works.

Field 3: Useless data. Data that does not help you and has no value. Most data from TV, newspapers, school education and talking between people unfortunately falls under this field.

Field 4: Destructive data. False data, data which makes you unhappy, data intended to bring about destruction. Unfortunately more than you believe.

For a person to become more smart he has to recognize which data are of value for him. What is valuable for him also depends on what his purpose is but the above description still holds firm. He has to develop a skill to see which data are important for him in the ocean of data that he is operating in.

A lot of data are made in the form of entertainment which I want to make a comment on. Entertainment is a big modern industry. TV, movies, books, radio etc. etc.

I believe that if a person would have a strong purpose in his life and plays the game of life to reach his purpose he will not care so much about entertainment.

So for me it shows that generally in the western hemisphere in which the entertainment business is big, people are lacking purpose.

How to become a genius:


  1. Consider yourself being a genius and act like one in every moment of your life and you will very soon feel that you are one.
  2. Work out your time in such a way that every hour is properly utilized and put aside as much time as possible on becoming better.
  3. Established a good skill on recognizing which data are valuable and vital.
  4. Learn something new and valuable each day.
  5. In anything you read or observe make sure you understand it. Clear up the words you don’t understand and ask or look up to understand observations which were not understood. Never pass by something you don’t understand.
  6. Carefully choose a profession in which you earn your money for living and at the same time enables you to enhance your skill and abilities.
  7. Read a lot and carefully select which literature to read in which to gain the most valuable and vital data.
  8. Evaluate, look and make conclusions on anything you read and observe.
  9. Expect much more of yourself than what is expected from others.
  10. Help people around you to the best of your ability and establish friends who can support you if needed.
  11. Be very self-confident and certain but on the same time be open to listen, look and reevaluate to make new conclusions.
  12. Know that no matter how good or skilled you are you can always become better and never cease to become more skillful in anything you do.
  13. The true genius knows that it is not enough for himself having reached sky high levels – he has to take the rest of mankind with him up and has dedicated his life in making it happen.

By having read this essay you are already on your way to become a genius.

Good luck.


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